Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6/6 Plus – Full Speedtest + Benchmark

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A full in-depth Complete Speed Test and Benchmark tests between the Samsung Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.
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Speed Test done in the video:
Boot Test
Opening Apps
Siri vs Google voice recognition
Multi-tasking test
Javascript Web Browser Benchmark
Native Web Browser Test (Safari vs Chrome)

Benchmarks performed:
3D Mark – Ice Storm Unlimited

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40 Comments on Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6/6 Plus – Full Speedtest + Benchmark

  1. That's not fair!!! Smartphone vs phablet?!

    It's only logical the s6 is faster since the iPhone 6+ larger size would drag it down. Compare the s6 with the iPhone 6 and make it a split screen video…we all know what the A8 processor can do

  2. lol people who write comments under iphone vs samsung videos dont even have any of both ? they are just looking at the stats of samsungs hardware. The reason why Samsung caught up is because they dont give a shit about little, well made details like apple does. Samsung use their time to get better hardware that isnt working well with other components in the end. Apples hardware is working fine with other components. Also iphones arent getting slower with the time and you have an apple store in a near location so you dont have to send it somewhere if its damaged. I used android all the time and than i swiched to ios and i have to say i like the many, well made details most, which android doesnt have. I dont care about if the s6 is a bit faster because i know after a year its slow as fuck. You can see many people that have iphone 4/4s that was released many years ago. A samsung phone you can have only 2 years or less until ist slow or the battery is damaged or something. 

  3. I wonder how raw GPU performance compares (which phone will get more FPS on their native resolution (so that the CPU is not capping the FPS in any way))

  4. more ram and faster cores makes a gamer smile. when I see apple I frown simply because you use your new device for a year and suddenly it seems like its so much slower. on android you can flash CyanogenMod and a OC kernel and literally can surpass a few generations of iphones with a tap of the screen. for noobs that means turn the speed up even on the GPU. something NOT A SINGLE person has been able to do on iOS and any smart ass who wants to reply well just delete powerpref files that doesn't overclock your device and turning the animation speed up doesn't either. nuffsaid. android will silently snap apples neck like a candycane and feast like a fucking beast MOTHERFUCKERS.

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