Galaxy S6 vs HTC ONE M9 – Full Camera Comparison

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A very detailed Full Camera comparison test between the SAMSUNG Galaxy S6 and the HTC ONE M9.
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27 Comments on Galaxy S6 vs HTC ONE M9 – Full Camera Comparison

  1. I was looking forwRd to purchase the htc m9 but after this test I'm going w d s6 … I'm need a phone w great camera quality ! I'm so disappoint .. Also I've seen over d Internet that d upgrade for m9 improves d quality of camera, is this true. Was your camera test w d update ? Also do u think my next model htc will Improve the camera ?

  2. As a HTC fan and owner of the original HTC One M7(whose 4 Ultrapixel camera shows only purple tint in low light where it was suppose to shine). I hate to say that the S6 Camera perform better in all well lit, low lit, outdoor & indoor. I was at least rooting for the higher capacity battery of the M9 to perform better. But all the battery life tests on various reputable site shows otherwise.

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