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– Microsoft smartwatch, codenamed Moonraker, could be a leak or a concept
– Galaxy S6 Plus rumors pick up new hardware, software details
– OnePlus 2 pricing rumors suggest no price hike in store
– ASUS-HTC deal not ruled out by Asustek, company considers HTC acquisition
– BlackBerry may release Android phone with hardware keyboard

Watch today’s Pocketnow Daily as we talk about a Microsoft smartwatch that never was, or that still could be. Samsung is next as we learn more about the specs of the Galaxy S6 Plus. OnePlus follows this time with the probable price tag of the OnePlus 2. Then we talk about ASUS and HTC, and the possibility of both companies joining forces. We end today’s show talking about BlackBerry…

31 Comments on Galaxy S6 Plus specs, OnePlus 2 Price, ASUS-HTC & more – Pocketnow Daily

  1. Loved my old Nokia touch and type. I would definitely love a QWERTY keyboard. + points if it integrates with swiftkey and can be mapped to use for gaming (map the keys to certain  parts of the screen)

  2. A typical butthurt apple fanboy comment:

    ."The reason why samsung is making so many phone models is because they clearly know that apple's iPhone is beating them. samsung is pathetic"

  3. The question of the day should of been how do we feel about the S6 plus. I think its good because it could mean we will most likely be getting a removable battery and expandable storage on the Note 5 

  4. Regarding the idea of a Galaxy S6 Plus, why would Samsung even do that? Because, like you just stated, if it comes with a 5.7" display, it would be a total distraction to the upcoming Note 5. Weird idea, Samsung.

  5. I would like a slide out qwerty in a high end android phone, like the Motorola Droid back in 2009. Imagine typing and still having the full screen to look at. And add some split screen multitasking…. It would be crazy

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