Galaxy S6 Edge vs iPhone 6 – SPEED TEST!

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All new gorgeous Galaxy S6 Edge takes on the super fast iPhone 6! iPhone 6 tricks- Galaxy S6 Edge tricks-

Galaxy S6 Edge is the latest offering from Samsung. It’s redesigned from scratch, looks dashing and packs best in class CPU and GPU. But, can it complete with the blazing fast Apple iPhone 6? Well, let’s find out!

Camera samples:

24 Comments on Galaxy S6 Edge vs iPhone 6 – SPEED TEST!

  1. I'm a S6 Edge+ owner and I love my phone. It's awesome phone but I still disliked this video because I also am a computer technician and I can tell you for sure that this comparison proves nothing. There are so many things that could affect the phone performance at that particular time, even the internet usage. This video or any other video that's similar to this one is useless.

  2. Apple only computers great!Iphone.. hmm let me think.. have since one month and i am tired and bored of this smartphone… battery life… very short!! i Sold it for good money and now i have the new edge 6s plus! very happy… my other smartphone is xperia z2 even that is already old model compares all other models… is the best of the best!

  3. All you have to do is benchmark these two phones and watch the Galaxy S6 blow that turd out of its case.
    I-Turd the same rotten apple technology from last year put in a new case. We dont see 8 core processors in rotten Apple phones and you never will. Apple needs to release a new phone every 6 months just to try to keep up with Samsung that alone should tell you something !!! Battery life with power saver on I get 28 hours on my S6 Edge ,,, for you donkeys that use Facebook you can basically cut your battery life in half Facebook uses crazy amounts of power regardless of what phone you use remove Facebook and watch your battery come to life !!!!

  4. Iphone is not that much great as compared to specs vise!
    it's just a brand name that's it!!
    S6 Edge is way better than Iphone 6!!
    even camera damn good in S6

  5. people will always stick up for their iphone lol, yes the iphone is very fast for its hardware, but at the same time, you cant multitask on it, my samsung galaxy s3 can even multi task, thats 3 years old, yes its very slow, but at the same time, it only has 1gb ram, the same as the iphone 6, your lagging behind in hardware and software, my phone is quad core, 1.8ghz snap dragon processor, yes its a little laggy and slow now, which is expected from it for is age, but its still rocking games and stuff quite quick, still a decent phone, but i gotta get a new phone now anyway cuz i smashed it lol

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