Galaxy S3 Tips and Tricks : Android Safemode Boot

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Android Safe mode is a trick you can use to uninstall any app which is causing problem in device. if will run device only with Stock Apps.. Visit link above for details.

40 Comments on Galaxy S3 Tips and Tricks : Android Safemode Boot

  1. thanks for the video I think my phone is freezing because of the TouchX app. ive uninstalled it but im still have the issue where when it freezes the screen goes black. what else can I do besides a factory reset??? Thanks again

  2. i did what u showed but still it is in safe mode i restarted it several time but still the result is same
    and when i pressed volume button+power+home it is showing a custom os should be downloaded,but my phone has the latest updates updates plz reply soon

  3. Hbiya, if you please help. My phone suddenly stop working, Ive change battery but  no luck and trying to transfer data to pc but its not connecting and I dont have memory card in phone. Ive some pictures of my family which I dont want to loose. Is there any way I can copy data from phone and how to fix this problem without sending it to samsung for repair. Please help, thanks.

  4. hi my s3 says unfortunately touchviz has stoped.. google account has stpoped working…all share has stopeed sns has stopped ……etc cant use my phone….home screen is not awailable for use

  5. It works AMAZING i thought id probably be one of those unwork viedeos again but it turns out that its super duper AWESOME !!!(≧∇≦) even for my samsung galaxy s4!

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