Galaxy S 5 rumors, iOS 7 extended hands-on, & Nokia EOS leaks: Pocketnow Weekly 048

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Before we begin, we’d just like to say something to everyone who’s going to call us out for click-baiting with that “Galaxy S 5” title: your allegations are completely founded and true.

But look here: even though Galaxy S 5 rumors are (to say the least) premature and indicative of a serious problem with our nasty-fast industry -an issue we discuss on the air- they’re also important. That’s because, as unreliable and, frankly, stupid as they are, they also give us an opportunity to discuss the future of Samsung industrial design. And any opportunity we get to talk about the Galaxy family in a broad sense is a good one – especially with weirdos like the Galaxy S 4 Zoom breaking cover.

There’s more great meat here, too. Brandon stops by for a half-hour to talk about the new…

44 Comments on Galaxy S 5 rumors, iOS 7 extended hands-on, & Nokia EOS leaks: Pocketnow Weekly 048

  1. Ur videos are way too short and it's ANNOYING! -_- and there's not enough exclusive content. (Leaked fotos, specs, broader descriptions on devices nd their impacts.) For this I'm subscribing! ;/ would like video length to be upwards of 6:00 on the regular news vids. I dnt really care for the OVERLY LONG device reviews. Thanks for wasting my time or should I say, NOT wasting my time. X(

  2. Man yall can really say bad stuff about the new ios7…its like android doesn't make any mistakes..if all of you are forgetting its because of the iphone 4 that's there is an entire new breed of phones today…jeezz

  3. Wow.. an extended PocketNow, that I can listen to, while doin stuff — Luv it…

    p.s.: Pls. NO Aluminum (locked) case… Everybody puts their Aluminum phone in a plastic case anyways. … And nothing compares to having a Removable Battery and SD Card slot.

  4. I am a developer with ios 7 and I wanted to talk about 2 things nobody has talk about.
    1. The brightness in the device was improved a lot. I live in a really sunny place and I was using my iphone outside and I could see every single detail in the display.
    2. When filming with your idevice now you can zoom on the video.

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