Galaxy Note III rumors, iOS 7 to be ‘flat,’ and more!

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Galaxy Note III rumors, iOS 7 to be ‘flat,’ and more!

The Weekly Bone is back! In this week’s episode, Marco talks about the rumored Samsung Galaxy and ATIV products to be announced next month in London. Among the rumored products, expect to see the Samsung Galaxy S 4 mini, Galaxy S 4 Zoom, and Galaxy S 4 Active. Perhaps more importantly, Marco discusses WWDC 2013, and what to expect. Tim Cook is on the record stating that iOS 7 will be unveiled, though new hardware isn’t expected. Will it be the same “flat” design that’s been rumored in the past?




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31 Comments on Galaxy Note III rumors, iOS 7 to be ‘flat,’ and more!

  1. i love your vids dude, keep em up. not really sure why people give you so much shit but hey, its YouTube. They're never going to leave; oh well. Again, great job on your videos!

  2. Why is there always an angry mob when this guy makes a video? The music is kind of overbearing, but if it wasn't so loud it wouldn't bother anyone. Anyways, I'm looking forward to your next video because the comments are pretty entertaining. The weekly bone! Haha

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  4. Why the fuck does this guy always sound sick? Like he has nasal congestion BLOW YOUR FUCKING NOSE OR TAKE A BENADRYL. Lol and pause sometimes its non stop talking my man. Shit!

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