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– Unlocked BlackBerry Priv can be found for $299
– There are now 100 million Spotify users active
– With RAM tweak, OnePlus 3 performance neck and neck with Galaxy S7 edge
– Thinner iPhone 7 without headphone jack may bring water resistance
– Galaxy Note 7 edge might be the only variant that launches

Watch today’s Pocketnow Daily as we talk about the recent deals for those of you interested in the BlackBerry Priv. Then we discuss Spotify’s success, and the contrast between it and Apple Music. The OnePlus 3 follows as we learn about the recent tweaks that make it perform faster. Then we talk…

30 Comments on Galaxy Note 7 edge rumors, water resistant iPhone 7 & more – Pocketnow Daily

  1. I wouldn't mind only having the edge variant but I would love for it to be water resistant as well which I can see that being a big possibility but I hope they would integrate the removable sim card and sd card slot I am currently running on the galaxy s5 when ever the note 7 comes out I would most definitely buy the note 7

  2. I seriously wanted Samsung to come out with an S7 Plus because I didnt feel comfortable having the edge. Im waiting for the Note to come out but now that it might be coming out as an EDGE variant, im contemplating on upgrading to the regular S7. I might even go for the iPhone 7

  3. spotify needed 10 years to reach 30 million PAID subscribers as apple music needed 1 year for 15 million subscribers…. apple music will definitely become the number 1.

  4. Had Note 3 and Note 10.1 (2012) and as I recall, Wacom digitizer pens didn't fare so well along the edges… perhaps Samsung is going Edge only to hide the poor edge functionality with the S-Pen?

  5. Upgrading from the Note 4, I'm planning on getting the N7edge. I'm not interested in replacing the N4 with a non-edge variant. The specs that I've heard so far are very compelling, but if the edge variant was not available, I don't think I would make the switch. I also believe that the N7 should have a base storage of at least 64GB and expandable storage of 200+GB. Other features I would like to see are multi-touch capability, expanded S-pen functionality, and the S-pen clicker moved down about a 1/2" closer to the tip (the current position is ackward for me). I love all the opportunities that dual-camera and iris-scanning/eye-sensing technology bring. With expanded battery, even faster wireless charging, improvements on an already impressive camers and waterproofing, this is going to be an outstanding phone and hard to resist.

  6. I would 100% ditch Samsung if there was only a edge! Simply because your cant protect it like u can with a flat display. I would most likely go to HTC or a NEXUS, but deff wouldn't get upgrade to an edged display,no matter the make! I simply think it's gimmicky

  7. I have the Note Edge and love it. I was going to get the Galaxy S7 Edge but once heard that this year's Note was supposed to also have a Edge version I have been holding out. I would absolutely be fine with just the Edge version!

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