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– Un-carrier the Un-carrier: T-Mobile too late as AT&T Thanks is revealed
– Apple gifts Beats headphones to iPhone 6, 6s and iPad Pro buyers this back to school season
– OnePlus 3 pricing could start at $350 after all, with a million units ready for sale off the bat
– Fresh dual rear camera-revealing iPhone 7 and 7 Plus cases sure look sketchy
– Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (Edge) adds dual rear camera to mind-blowing list of rumored specs

Watch today’s Pocketnow Daily as we talk about T-Mobile’s Un-carrier 11, which was recently matched by AT&T’s new Thanks service. Then we discuss the recent…

34 Comments on Galaxy Note 7 Edge dual camera, iPhone 7 Plus case leaks & more – Pocketnow Daily

  1. Im ok with non replaceable battery coz this is the era of Fast charging. Just give me the IR blaster, considering the Note 7 already has Big battery and IP68 and rest of the S7 special features.

  2. i hope the note 7 stay flat in front because it's a note not a normal phone and flat display is better for the S-pen
    also i hope remove the glass from the rear of the note 7 and let it only metal like the iphone because with the glass rear it easy drop from my hand or my pocket i hope the design be more fancy like LG V10

  3. Note 6/7: 5000mAh batterry, 6.2" screen, new name s7 note, air gesture s pen, dual front facing sennheiser speakers, audio technica dual microphones, touch homebutton( like on htc 10), quad subwoofers on the back, mediatek x30, adreno 530, LCD & AMOLED hybrid curved 4k screen, tungsten frame, no samsung logo on the front, sapphire front and matte rubberback.

    Samsung plz

  4. Note 7: Where is my IR Blaster, package it with a smart case, copy LGV10 audio DAC and a 20 megapixel camera. The stylus should be lit with tiny LESs to attract Apple envy.

  5. Just give me software updates. Samsung is notorious for leaving good devices in the dark when it comes to updates: 2012 Note 10.1, Note 4, etc… After being a loyal customer since the Epic, I'm looking to jump ship at the first opportunity – Good bye, Sammie!

  6. As much as I would love the Note 7, I just hope all the bells and whistles blow loud and clear. They have to win back the base and the SD card slot is a start. Putting in too much too soon and not doing it all right will further lose their customer base.

  7. I wouldn't mind having the edge wizard from the s7 edge on the note 7. Also, build a kickstand into the back that is flush with the device, similar to Sedio cases.

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