Galaxy Note 6 Lite, iPhone 7 design comments & more – Pocketnow Daily Recap

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20 Comments on Galaxy Note 6 Lite, iPhone 7 design comments & more – Pocketnow Daily Recap

  1. If anyone are sheeps it's those that think Apple fans blindly buy iPhones. All these silly comments they make just make them look like their stuck up Samsung ass

  2. Well I disagree with you …because the first iPhone was kinda like innovation …talking about touch screens ….and I disagree with you on Apple fanboy thing as well cause Apple fans will buy no matter what Apple decides to introduce …..and well there are stupid people in the world …not agreeing with itself is like being stupid..

  3. Jaime, I see you bouncing between Apple Watch and Android Wear. I've tried both for extended periods and find Apple's use of complications indispensable. Android Wear pales in comparison, and that is what drives my choice of smartphone.

  4. Microsoft recently made a video on testing its e-paper with touch capability as screen cover for phones, I think it will be a good idea for Android.

  5. I'm probably alone in this, but I actually prefer the combination of glass, metal edges and plastic back my note 4 has as opposed to an all glass construction like the 5. The feel is more durable and with it already being a large device, putting a case on it is out of the question for me. I've dropped this thing several times from waist height over the last year and a half with only a few barely noticeable scratches to show for it.

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