Galaxy Note 5 – Tips, Tricks & Hidden Features

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Here’s a video on Tips, Tricks and Hidden Features of the Galaxy Note 5.
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Galaxy Note 5 – Hidden Features :

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27 Comments on Galaxy Note 5 – Tips, Tricks & Hidden Features

  1. question….
    if you take a pic with your friends..there 1 person that you don't liked send to facebook..
    how do you cover that person face?don't let anyone see it?
    like put a happy or a sad face on it?

  2. great video! just got my note five and needed a tutorial. you helped me a lot! also, when you turned on your camera in the video, the table top that was being captured would make a great background.

  3. hello, I just got the new galaxy note 5 and I want to know about the message shortcut called "my hot keys", the one that you longpress a digit and you get a text selected by you in a message. because it was really helpfull on note 4 for email adress and phone numbers etc… please give me a sign. thx.

  4. at the begining you turn the phone off and on while needing your fingerprint every time. when i unlock my phone and turn it back off and on again, it dosent requrie my fingrprint. how do i make it to where it requries my fingerprint everytime?

  5. Hi brother, can you please check galaxy note 5 contact photos for incoming & outgoing calls are not showing full screen like galaxy note 4. Just only showing small picture. how to make it full screen ? thanks.

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