Galaxy Note 4 – Tips,Tricks & Hidden Features

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In this video I have tried to cover almost every features provided by the Galaxy Note 4. Tips,Tricks and Hidden Features that you might not know about.

Galaxy Note 4 Hidden Features (Part 2) Here :–do

Galaxy Note 4 – Tips,Tricks & Hidden Features : Part 2 Coming Soon !

Galaxy S5 Hidden Features :

Top 5 Note 4 Features :

Top 10 Best Android Apps for Note 4:

Note 4 Unboxing :

Note 4 – Gaming Test :

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21 Comments on Galaxy Note 4 – Tips,Tricks & Hidden Features

  1. does the word highlight feature work? I have seen videos where you can select any word with the spen and then you get an option of dictionary and you can look up the meaning. doesnt seem to work on my note 4

  2. I dont know what Note 4 you have but mine does not have all those features.. seems like the phones you developers use in these videos are way different than the one I have.. whats up with that..

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