Galaxy Note 4 Marshmallow questions from Subs part 2 (Q and A)

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  1. Okay, NOW I remember why I was hesitant to install the update– FONTS!! I like my cool Flipfonts, and having the ability to change and customise the entire look of my phone. After I did the update, I went to switch to a different font, and the font packages I had installed are no longer supported! And THAT was where I had read that there was a compatibility problem with Marshmallow! I am really bummed. The package I installed said it was supposed to be okay with all Samsung Galaxy & HTC 6.0, but it's not working. Any suggestions? I uninstalled and reinstalled the app package to no avail. Big sad face!

  2. i cant believe you only have 630 subscribers.your really good at this.i guess its because of your camera.i suggest you use a better cam coz your really good at this man.keep it up.☺

  3. now that we've got Marshmallow but it's 6.0.1 we can't use external as internal which is what I was really looking forward too. You have any suggestions on maybe a ROM, or what? I'm going to check out your channel. As I see you have updates recently.

  4. after you move any app to sd must give phone enough time to set it up…so after change location..try after 15 minutes..or restart the phone after 15 minutes..i dont know wwhy u did not know this !

  5. Thanks for another great video! I finally took the plunge and installed the Marshmallow update, which I likely would NOT have done, had it not been for all the information I gleaned just from your videos alone. So, thanks, Irf-man! Job well done.

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