Galaxy J7 2016 vs Moto G4 Plus Speedtest Comparison!

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In this video we pit the Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 against the Moto G4 Plus from Lenovo to see which performs better under day to day usage scenarios… opening apps, games, managing memory, and so on…

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36 Comments on Galaxy J7 2016 vs Moto G4 Plus Speedtest Comparison!

  1. That's why a fhd display should not be paired with a 617/616/615 as the adreno 405 struggles to keep up. Also remember the first generation moto g and the j7 (6) are running lollipop and Samsung doesn't care about updating. So if you are a fan of fast updates go for the moto g

  2. Hey … u started the J7 a little faster than moto.. i Dnt know about u guys … i bought moto g4 plus and it is very good for that price …. WORTH it … Samsung SHITs !!

  3. Awesome Video…. I am totally confused to buy moto g4 plus or Samsung j7 2016.So Please suggest me which one is better…??
    And Is Moto G4 plus is really have a too much heating problem.. I am not buying for gaming…. Which one is best to buy….

  4. +C4ETech your Moto G4+ unit seems a bit fishy. It always takes an extra second or two to load apps than it normally should. I am typing this on a G4+ and after trying personally a lot of times I can it never takes that long. Is it running pre-production firmware? It got a big 157MB update, hope you installed it before these speed tests and gaming tests. I would best recommend you to try a different unit.

  5. these sites comparison is shit. please ash don't think it's a devotional remark. okay? but you question yourself does 3-4 seconds of delay of opening of apps matter to you? no need. please don't do this kinda videos. interest send to be fading off. thank you

  6. this review worked for me as " Water in the desert " , was dammn confused between these two phones.., !! coz i had been waiting for the G4 plus, but now i had changed ma Mind ! thanx to C4ETech !!

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