Galaxy Grand 2 Tips and Tricks

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Best Tips and Tricks for Samsung Galaxy Grand 2

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Most shortcuts for the Grand 2 are similar to what is already there in other Galaxy smartphones that are running Android 4.3 and the latest TouchWiz.

1. Lock screen customization and widget placement – enable them first to use them as the Galaxy Grand 2 does not come with this enabled.

2. Two finger status bar swipe down – if you want to access all the radio toggles in one go, then simply swipe it down using two fingers.

3. Blocking Mode – If you want to block all incoming calls, notifications, alerts and alarms, then simply activate blocking mode. You can even define the duration for which you want the blocking mode to be enabled. Specially helpful when you are entering a meeting or going off to sleep. The best part is you can still define important contacts that can get through the block even if it is…

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  1. bonjour et merci pour la video , jai le meme mais malheureusement il n'affiche plus le reseau et lorsque j appel il s affich non connecté au reseau . puis avoir une solution venant de vs si possibl

  2. hey guys~!i bought grand 2 just yesterday and found no micro sd card?? do i get a sd card attatched when there is no place to attach it…sorry for my english..plz HELP ! ?

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