Gadget Review 2016 HTC One M10: The specs, pricing, release date

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What we know about the specs, pricing, release date and other rumors
Though no details have been officially announced, the Internet rumor mill has started gurgling about the forthcoming debut of the HTC One M10, the expected successor to the One M9, which was released back in March 2015. Given the relatively chilly reception garnered by the One M9, and its sibling the One M9+, expectations will be high for the next generation of HTC’s flagship smartphone.
Reportedly code-named Perfume, the One M10 is being billed as HTC’s “most advanced smartphone ever.” Assuming it’s scheduled to appear sometime in the next month or two — more on that below — it will certainly have its hands full of competition: Samsung’s Galaxy S7, LG’s G5, Sony’s Xperia X line and Xiaomi’s Mi 5 were all announced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last month.
Announcement and release dates
Though the previous version of the One, the M9, was launched at Mobile World Congress last year, HTC held off on…

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