Fun and Tricks with NFC and Your Android, Part 1

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In our last video we showed off CyanogenMod 9. Among the topics we covered were “Profiles” and a teaser of something awesome ( ) to come in our next video — this video.

Switching profile’s isn’t all that quick. It’s somewhat unfortunate because the several screen taps that are required to switch between profiles has been enough to keep me from using them. With NFC, that all changes. Hit play, and prepare to have your mind blown.



39 Comments on Fun and Tricks with NFC and Your Android, Part 1

  1. God forbid you have to tap the phone 3 times.
    Another invention (like the computer) meant to give us more "free time".
    To do what ? To busy ourselves with finding out more ways to give us "free time"… to do what ?….   ad infinitum.
    Get out of the basement and throw a frisbee.  Not on a screen !  A real one. Yeah I know…  "how quaint".

  2. "Lets go take a look"? Dude, thats a terrible tagline. You gotta say something people wanna hear to get them hooked like "…lets make this bitch squeal." or "lets fuck this shit up!"

  3. I honestly forgot that I had the Samsung Tectiles (purchased sometime back). Then I realized, after watching this video about some cool things you can do with NFC and the +CyanogenMod ROM on my Galaxy Note 2. 

    This is so useful in my car especially… when I want Bluetooth to be turned on automatically, thus syncing it my the car stereo. Very useful. 

  4. Can you draw on the white tags?Put them in a case for a neckless or keychain? If you stack one tag on top of another does it read both? Have you heard if they are to make bigger bit stickers??
    Thank you for the videos! I just found out what nfc is tonight, im excited about the future for this tech

  5. You could have tasker use the gps to track your location and waste battery OR you could do it the better way and have tasker use the cellular towers near you to check your location which doesn't waste any battery. For all his profiles (night, silent, car, home, and work) tasker could easily accomplish the same thing and more. For example plug in your charger and changes it to night mode when you unplug it, it goes back to normal, instead of using 2 stickers just for that you could use tasker.

  6. I disagree. I've used Tasker to control my Bluetooth based on times that I drive to and from work during the week, turning it off during the day to save battery. Whilst it works, there is sometimes an exception where I have to drive somewhere and my Bluetooth is off… and I'm annoyed. With NFC there is no exception. If you're in your car you can swipe and turn it on. Even if you forget to swipe when you get in, you're not going to cause an accident by going to your settings whilst driving.

  7. im just waiting for the big nfc out breakout. Eeveryone getting their info stolen credit cards limit maxing out then after that it should be safe to make the switch to nfc

  8. When my desktop PC detects mi cell phone wifi signal automatically turns ON and get ready to work, When I go away from my PC for more than 20 minutes my computer turns OFF automatically, isn't that smart?

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