FREE MUSIC APPS TOP 5 for iPhone iPad iPod iOS

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What’s the Best Free iPhone Music App?
Best streaming music apps for iPhone
Best Music Apps for iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone
better than top 10 music apps, this is top 5 music apps for your iPhone, hear and watch music videos for free , unlimited.
Must have apps for music , best music apps available for iPhone iPad iPod

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  2. EVERY . . . I'm talkin' EVERY single app out there wants me to update my IPod to version 7, but my IPod says it's already up-to-date and won't let me! Guess this is Apple's way of trying to make me buy a new one . . . think I'll blow it up and mail it to the greedy Mofo's . . . last time I'll get suckered into buying anything from Apple.

  3. Just download SpinTunes, it works with no wifi, and has like 98% of your songs in there , it's awesome , download it for free in the App Store ! (idk about google play)

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