Free BlackBerry and Cell Phones

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  1. Thanks for letting me know this. That was HIV Plus right? I am glad to see that people are reading it. sorry to know that they failed to put links for my website or youtube channel. Thanks for the support in reading it

  2. Thanks for the comment, but just so we are clear and no one reads anything into this comment, I never said they asked me to give up my "livelihood" some said I needed to either sell or at least pawn my personal things.

  3. Great program Kengi! It's ridiculous that organizations require you to be in abject poverty before qualifying you for help, it's not right. I have a gently used prepaid phone that I would be happy to send you. Problem is that I don't know where the charger is….do the cell phone companies help you with chargers or anything?

  4. Thank you Audrey always watching and fully getting to point to my videos. I am the one who is so glad as well as honored and blessed to have you as a friend

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