Forget iPhone 7, the iPhone 8 is EPIC!

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Official iPhone 7 won’t be Worth It, but the iPhone 8 will be the one you ACTUALLY Want! ?

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31 Comments on Forget iPhone 7, the iPhone 8 is EPIC!

  1. RE iPhone 8 rumours: I'm surprised this hasn't been done yet when all the tech required are already present. A few years ago, Sharp created their frameless Android-powered Aquos Crystal smartphone. It was only ever sold in Japan but it was the first truly edge to edge phone (at least for three edges. The chin was retained for the front facing camera). They even developed technology which made the receiver hole redundant by turning the entire screen itself into a receiver. Somehow, they were able to transmit sound through the screen display. As far as Touch ID, both LG Innotek and Synaptics are in the home stretch with their development of under screen sensors. That just leaves the problem of where to put the front facing camera.

  2. I'd rather have my home bottom, as a physical button.
    Displays don't always react the right way, so if my screen goes down, my phone is done for.
    And by the time the ip8 comes out I'm sure the phone will be about 1000 can't imagine how much the repairs will cost

  3. I want the 6s it's the best s model it jumped from 8 mega pic to 12 gave us 3D Touch a good touch id and stable software if I were to upgrade I'll wait for the 8s the 6s will not be out dated prob not until 2019 or 2020

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