Flic: smart app for bicyclists to send emails to London’s mayor when in trouble

Flic: smart app for bicyclists to send emails to London’s mayor when in trouble

It seems that bicyclists are rare to find on London’s streets compared to before, and it is because of hazards. A report for the Transport for London found that 2014 was a disaster year for the bicyclists as 432 bicyclists were seriously injured and many individuals were also killed on London streets, according to a BBC report.

However, it is such a great news for cyclists that recently a tech company named Hövding, has invented ‘Flic’ a smart button to check activity risks while cycling on the street and sending messages to the Mayor of London in the meantime.

Here is how ‘Flic’ works:

The button is associated by means of Bluetooth to the cyclist’s smartphone utilizing the Flic application. When the cyclist presses the button, information is gathered from the cyclist’s area and included to a guide on the campaign site. The guide is intended to stamp perils and show issues in light of exactly what number of hazardous lanes and intersections there are in the capital.


Furthermore, around Five hundred buttons have been disseminated to individuals and supporters of the London Cycling Campaign, who are battling for improved circumstances for cyclists in the town.

Regarding ‘Flic,’ Anna Katarina Skogh the marketing director of Hövding, gave an aphorism that “More people should be able to cycle and feel safe while doing so, but today’s infrastructure doesn’t allow it. Therefore, we would like to highlight the issue and push forward the campaign for safer cycling, letting cyclists themselves to report about the places that need improving,”

Mainly, Hövding’s intention is to inspire London’s Mayor to stick with his word to make London a great place for cycling. As the new nominated London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan said during his campaign that “I know we’ve made a lot of progress as a city but there is still more to do if we are to protect cyclists from collisions, and to encourage more people to take up cycling as a way of getting around the city,”


Khan’s intention was to make London a great place to cycle and make cycling more secure.

On the other hand, Amy Summers the campaign coordinator of London Cycling Campaign gave a statement saying that “By committing to the London Cycling Campaign’s Sign for Cycling pledges, the new Mayor, Sadiq Khan, has promised to make cycling in London safe and enjoyable for everyone,” and also she added that “The 500 Londoners giving him a beep will hopefully remind him to get on with fulfilling those pledges, as a matter of urgency.”

If Hövding’s initiative works along with the Mayor and the London Cycling Campaign to make a safer London for bicyclists then individuals will get encouraged to have a ride on the street, and the London streets would then see a swarm of bicyclists just like before.

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