Five reasons not to buy a Samsung Galaxy S7 (CNET Top 5)

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Looking for a reason to not upgrade to Samsung’s latest superphone? Look no further.

43 Comments on Five reasons not to buy a Samsung Galaxy S7 (CNET Top 5)

  1. really? are you tryin to say that the lg g5 is better, well probobly yes but when it comes to build quality lg g feels plastic and cheap, how about if you compared it to s7 edge huh?!!

  2. what ever!!!!????
    this video sucks!
    see!,this is a waterproof and dustproof so it needs to be non removable battery.And about the camera,even if this is only 12megapixel
    its ok to me atleast it had those cam modes!and the others are some b*tch

  3. am looking to buy a phone by the end of may 2016 ,,,, my budget is 500 euros as i stay in europe, can you suggest me a smartphone with in that price range,,, am confused??????

  4. that is the worst review i have ever seen.. no common sense.. no knoledge about all devices features.. just to ditch samsung you are doing this.. crazy guy.. 1- you dont get a ip 68 certification with s6 and note 5.. 2- you dont have the largest aperture in the smartphones other than s7 and s7 edge.. dont underrate any invention.. you dont possess the skill that your friend has and apparently your friend does not have skills as much as you have.. so each one is unique..

  5. your fuckin stupid 12megi pixials are better than 14 dumb ass,like the guy who made this video has no expirents and knowledge about what he is talking about, ifyou are going to say something like that at least know what your talking about

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