First look: Moto Z & Moto Z Force – Hands on with MotoMods

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SnapPhones? Yes, that’s what Motorola (err, Lenovo) is calling its brand new smartphones. If you were expecting the Moto X, you’ve got not one, but two… Moto Z devices. And that’s not the entire story. These babies have an awesome feature that allows you to snap on modular accessories in a unique way, which doesn’t require you to restart your phone (upon removing the battery, you know, like in the case of that other smartphone). Check it out and let us know of your thoughts!


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40 Comments on First look: Moto Z & Moto Z Force – Hands on with MotoMods

  1. stackable modules would be cool. Add on a battery mod, then add on a camera or speaker mod to top it off etc. Another thing I would like to see is a mod back that wrapped protection around to the front of the phone.

  2. Lol all these moto mods are so silly. It makes your phone look horrible and reduces it to totally impractical. Take those lousy speakers (mod), 3 watt jbl ones. While the Alcatel Idol 4s has dual 3.6 watt jbl speakers built in in a 7mm frame and sporting a respectable 3000mah battery, a day worth of juice. You know what's special? Packing in all those features in a <8mm slim frame. All that hideous bulk renders the phone obsolete from the get go.

  3. Lets make a phone that is super thin, but compromises battery size, and the headphone jack. But then once we've done that, lets put a big ass camera hump making the phone thicker. Am I the only one who doesn't care if a phone is crazy thin?

  4. you have that clean metal but you have to have a leather cover back or those attachments to help cover that camera hump, which also change the feel of the metal. they bump up the camera to fit well with the attachments and those attachments are probably going to be quite expensive. they shouldn't have bump up the camera and leave the choice with the customer to buy the attachments or not. as it is now customers will be forced to buy the attachments just to flush with the camera, a bad marketing decision for customers.

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