Final Fantasy 7 Out Today on iOS – IGN News

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The iOS port of Final Fantasy VII is coming out sometime today.

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  1. Warning: never mess with MAX STATS. It just spoiled my entire game!! And you can't undo it!! Sure i mean you will get not only max 255 stats, all limit breaks, level 99… But hell no!! Now i have to restart the game just to play normally… Thank god I ain't too far into the game yet…

  2. I recall it being $19.99 USD on the app store. Cool and all to re-visit my childhood game. My question remains… what ever happened to Final Fantasy VII : G-Bike?!

  3. Why not bring back Crisis Core? That game is practically stranded on the PSP and every other game has come back in some shape or form as an ios, PSN or remake. Make it happen.

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