FIFA 15 Web App! New Legends Ratings, FIFA 15 iOS – FIFA News Roundup #14

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FUT 15 Web App:

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Legends Details:

iOS/Android FIFA 15 Ultimate Team:

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21 Comments on FIFA 15 Web App! New Legends Ratings, FIFA 15 iOS – FIFA News Roundup #14

  1. Hi, I was wondering whether u could help me. Every time I try and get on to the WebApp it says "our servers are temporarily down while we work on making things better.
    Please come back later."
    I have been trying for two days

  2. that legends idea is horrible!! what is the point getting one of the later legends to come out that is a kick in the stones like. biggest hype over 15 was shearer and now they have ruined it before its here 🙁  like you said just get them all out at once!!!

  3. do you have any idea if ea have revalued links back to their FIFA 13 style where nation links are worth 1.5 and strong links are worth 2.5 and perfect links are worth 4.5? I remember when the web app first came out on fifa 14, the links where set like this and I built a perfect starter squad, only for the links to change to how they are now

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