FIFA 15 Patch No 2, iOS Update, Coin Related Resets – FIFA News Roundup #20

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iOS Update:

2nd FIFA Patch:

EA is taking coin seller action:

Coin Related Resets:

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21 Comments on FIFA 15 Patch No 2, iOS Update, Coin Related Resets – FIFA News Roundup #20

  1. After spending £31.99 buying 4500 Fifa Points and opening 30 packs, I ended up with 65k after selling everything I got. I could have just bought 300k coins for the same price. Fifa Points are a complete rip off. They need to change something to discourage people buying coins, it's just so much better value for money to buy coins the way things are right now.

  2. if you want my honest opinion i think that EA ARE the coin sellers. every transaction on the market they take 5% off the top… why in the flyin fuck does ea need to take coins with every transaction? they don't benefit from it….. or do they? they take the coins, give them to youtubers to help hype the game, and sell coins to consumers making money by selling both FP and coins

  3. I'm having an issue with actually playing games on fifa I'm not able to get into a game it always freezes before any game online and off I don't know if it's an issue with the patch or my game.

  4. Fuck those big Youtube cunts who think they are invincible and can promote coins without punishment. Can't believe I'm saying this, but good job EA.

  5. I think it's good that EA are kind of dealing with the issues of coins, but now I feel their methods could be a bit too flawed
    For instance, what happens if you pack Messi, sell him, then buy Ronaldo? They might think you have either bought coins (selling messi) or sold coins (buying ronaldo), or what happens if you're friend gets a good player and gives you loads of coins or vice versa? 

  6. I think it's pretty bullshit really, without the FCC unlockables you earn max 300-500 coins per game, also the max from division 1 is roughly 10k (give or take) plus seeing how packs (gold) start at 5k and usually dont have shit, it doesn't really add up in the player's favor. EA could easily resolve this issue by giving more coins per game meaning that less people would resort to coin buying since they can earn more

  7. Obviously what EA are trying to do YTer wise is their best way to cut down on stuff in the short term, but SURELY they have to try and cut this stuff out at source as well? Also i whole-heartedly agree about the price of FIFA points. They are so outrageously over-priced it's sickening. I'm sure a lot more people would stop buying coins and buy FP instead if they were more affordable!!

  8. Way to many youtubers still promote this websites without any shame, bots autobuy every cheap players and the players are even more out of reach than last year for honest players, come on how many games would you need to honestly afford Ronaldo or Messi by the end of Fifa 15?

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