Fallout Shelter: the complete beginner’s guide | Android / iPhone / iPad Guide

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Quite the Pip-Boy himself, Peter Willington (@xeroxeroxero) reveals all the tips, tricks, and secrets to getting ahead in Fallout Shelter early in the game.



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  1. Good news everybody who will see this. The developers have said that the game will be released on AUGUST 13, 2015. Here's the proven link:

    Please be advise that make sure your devices have enough space


  2. i have the game on iphone 4 and the startup takes AGES and when i get to the actual game it lags fallout shelter is slowly becoming a real dissapointment because of this and not out on android yet? bugthesda need to stop being so lazy and get on with it

  3. Anyone know how the Radio Studio works? I've gotten people to come but lately I can't seem to get anyone. The countdown timer comes and goes. I'm guessing there is a chance that someone will come. How do you improve this chance? I'm currently experimenting with it. I'm trying to level up 1 room to max. I just upgraded it to level 2. My theory is that you need to have it full, dwellers need to have higher Charisma and upgrading the room will increase the chance of obtaining a new dweller.

    Other tips:
    – Max 3 room resources to start before making any significant expansions. As you expand and create more rooms and also as you upgrade those rooms, there is a greater demand placed upon your power generating room. As you gain more dwellers, there is a greater demand placed upon your food resource generator. I'm not sure about the water but just pay attention to it and make sure the cuttoff line stays below half.
    – Pay attention to your resources and you go to make sure the cutoff lines are staying below half and/ or that as your gather the resources that you can easily keep up. If not, make sure you upgrade or create a new resource gathering room pertaining to that resource.
    – Clear The Dead: Make sure you clear any dead dwellers from your resource generating rooms ASAP. They will cause your dwellers to be sick and lose happiness which will cause them to lower production of the resource of that room.
    – DO NOT SEND OUT YOUR BEST DWELLER TO EXPLORE. This is a big mistake when beginning the game. If you happen to get a rare or legendary dweller, that dweller should be used to A: supplement resource gathering when and where needed, B: kill raiders, C: Kill radaroaches.
    – If you have only one gun, do not send it out with an explorer. Sending out explorers is a luxury. If you have the weapons to do it then great, if you only have 1 or 2 weapons, hold on to them because raiders and roaches can kill your game very easily.
    – Luck and Endurance are what matters for explorers. The more luck, the more likely they are to get items. The greater the endurance the better fighter and more durable. So when sending out explorers, send out ones that have at least 3 luck/ endurance and equip them with armor that boosts their stats. Obviously putting them in rooms that help them to gain these stats is also going to be beneficial.
    – The best way to deal with raiders is to make a 3 room living quarter at the top just after the vault entrance. The raiders attack from left to right and that will be the first room they go to. You can have gunmen stationed there and they could also be creating babies as well. An other option is to just keep it empty and send your gunmen to the vault entrance. They should kill some, most or all of the raiders there. If not, send them to the next room which should be your living quarters to finish them off.

  4. The runners also have a chance of finding weapons or outfits for me it's usually about 35 or 40 minutes before they find an outfit or a weapon. I told my favorite guy to explore a little while ago . when I check back in,in the morning if he's not dead he should have a bunch of items. Also Lunchbox challenges can be unlocked like cap challenges they're just a bit uncommon.

  5. A couple things I noticed. First rooms need to be the same level in order to merge. That is a level 2 generator will not merge with a level one generator.

    Babies take time to come out so be patient but initially after becoming pregnant the female dweller seems to stay assigned to the living quarters if you wait a bit you can then assign them to work as needed.

    Children in the dweller page reached by tapping the cog with your population count will show a time till they reach adulthood instead of a level bar

  6. Anyone else expeirence a laggy problem when i play the game (Im using ipod 5 btw) sooner or later the game will crash also it takes forever to load stuff  this happens everytime i play and it is really annoying

  7. If anyone is wondering ,took some goddam time to figure out, if you maximize the training rooms (the ones you increase special) you will be able to see how long it will take for your dwellers to learn that room`s specific stat.

  8. Hey men, that's a good tips you got there
    And can i add baby system tips?
    Yea this one really important cause sometime your resource work need more people and that's baby system in this game quite important i think.

    Have fun every one

  9. Isn't there some point in the game when raiders attack your shelter? What would you do then?
    Personally, I'm not interested in these type of games. But I'm sort of curious at the same time.

  10. Here are some tips I've learned over playing FOS.

    When starting build one of everything as soon as it becomes available.

    When building a room, it will tell you what kind of stats are used in that room, for example Power Generators use STR and Diner's use AGI and so on, once you have your initial influx of dwellers, try to optimize their output by placing them in jobs that are suited to their stats.

    Further, you will most likely get special dwellers in your lunchboxes, they usually have higher stats and comes equipped with items as soon as you get them, make sure you assign them to an area where they are most useful.

    As you progress and gain more dwellers, you will need further resources and the best way to obtain them is to ensure you have at least 2 of each main resource building (Power Generator, Diner and Water Treament). Try to plan out your base accordingly so that you can link at least 2 of these rooms side by side. As you upgrade them they will merge into larger single rooms which will allow you to place more dwellers as workers in those rooms.

    If you are planning on being AFK from the game for awhile, make sure to recall your wasteland dweller as it appears they will continue to explore even while the game is not running and may die while you are away. As it usually takes some time to return, this is a good practice anyways as you will likely have your loot ready when you come back to play.

    When a dweller dies, don't worry, they can be revived for typically a couple hundred caps, this is why it is a good idea to keep a couple hundred caps in reserve in case of emergency.

    Hope that helps.

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