Fallout Shelter Gameplay – PART 2 – Helpful Tips & Tricks! (Mobile iOS & Android Game by Bethesda)

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Check out part 2 of the BRAND NEW Fallout Shelter video game by Bethesda! THUMBS UP and let me know in the comments if you want more!

Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3UK5co3kAPE_hEZpAjFsroTCVnUFFs5u

About the game: You make your own nuclear shelter, or vault. As the overseer of the vault, you will then need to maintain the underground base, keeping your dwellers happy.

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37 Comments on Fallout Shelter Gameplay – PART 2 – Helpful Tips & Tricks! (Mobile iOS & Android Game by Bethesda)

  1. Couple tips. Not sure if said yet or not but hopefully help.
    Constantly rushing rooms makes people sad/mad and can kill them
    med bay produces health packs.
    You can put places 3long and upgrade them. If they are upgraded they produce more.
    If you have dweller in places they like they will be happier and also the amount of time it takes will go down and the fail rate will go down.
    babies take a few hours to be born regardless of amount of rooms. Amount of dwellers you can hold depends on the bedroom places and how upgraded they are.
    you cannot pause the game (sadly) but it is supposed to stop after a while (and sometimes it doesn't)

    Low power means rooms stop working, low food means dwellers get sad and their health drops, low water is radiation(red area in health) it lowers max health and makes them sad as well.

    Hopefully these help alot of people. Its helping me

  2. Babies won't get born if you don't have enough living rooms (vault capacity). And you can equip explorers with stimpaks and radaway to keep them from dying. 

  3. Instead of making loads of separate rooms the same. Join them together x3 and than UPGRADE them instead. It's more cost effective on caps. And will use less power.
    (the more rooms you have, the more power you need) the dwellers will be a lot happier. All mine are 100% happy

  4. Upgrade your vault door ASAP! It's only 2 upgrades. Last one is 2000caps. It delays the raiders from entering. Gives you more time to equip and organise your dwellers. 

  5. Hey Mungry, if WB wanted you to make a sequel to The Dark Knight Rises, let's say you made some good movies before and they think you might be perfect for the job, how would you make it?(plot,characters etc…) #SoundwaveSunday  
    P.S.:Keep up the good work Mungry

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