Fallout 4: 10 Things You Didn’t Know You COULD DO

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Fallout 4 is full of secrets. There are things players are discovering even weeks after its release. Here are ten things the internet discovered.
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  1. if you max out your settlement and still want to build without using the console commands to modify the size allowances; you can drop a bunch of junk items one at a time in a pile near where you want to keep building, then, when in build mode you can pick up the junk items one at a time and each one you pick up lets you build one workshop item, but you can't build some crafting stations and some turrets this way, everything else, you pick one item up and you can build one item, and again and again indefinitely. Also you can turn off water temporarily using console command "tws" (toggle water system) it reverts back automatically after you start moving and I think you have to not be in the water. Let's see, what else, oh here's a good mention: when crafting laser pistols, use a "short stock" not a pistol grip and almost double the damage.

  2. 1. No one gives a fuck about Dogmeat
    2. No one gives a fuck about settlements
    3. "Playing a game that you like" nobody likes fallout 4
    4. No one gives a fuck about christmas

  3. Самая главная вещь, о которой не знал человек покупая фаллоут 4 состоит в том, что НЕ НАДО БЫЛО ПОКУПАТЬ ФАЛЛОУТ 4!
    The main thing that people didn't know buying fallout 4 is that to BUY FALLOUT 4 IS NOT NECESSARY!

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