Fake iPhone 7 & Macbook Pro Leaks

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TB Minis #1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9ZZvAqR-xI

Fake iPhone 7 is fake.

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30 Comments on Fake iPhone 7 & Macbook Pro Leaks

  1. There's no way that's a 12 inch macbook. It's too big and the bezels look smaller in comparison to the screen than a 12 inch macbook. It's probably a 14 inch version of the 12 inch macbook.

  2. Yeah. Pretty sure Tim had a prototype. I mean, c'mon. When has Apple EVER responded to a rumor unless there was something about it? Apple NEVER responds just for mundane crap. Besides, even if it was, Apple wouldn't intentionally squash marketable hype unless there was something to the rumors. I'd take whatever Apple's "damage control PR" people have to say with a grain of salt.

  3. why don't you say the interview of 60 minutes that Tim Cook is the biggest bullshit in history Apple Steals ideas from other companies,and Chinese slavery with bad conditions and very low income and apple doesn't pay hardly any tax.Tim Cook the CEO of Apple takes it up the ass all the time big giant cocks and dildos, what a faggot CEOs like him they should get rid of faggots.
    the reporter of 60 Minutes should of told him do you want some tissues to wipe your mouth from shit because all the bullshit you are saying??

  4. thats why i never believe on prototype or concept.
    i remember in 1998 a car magazines that show how futuristic car can be in 2012, still 2015 and no backtothefuture nike shoes

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