Extensify: tweak App Store apps without a jailbreak (iOS 9)

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Extensify is an upcoming app from @freemanrepo and @uhelios that brings a tweak store to non-jailbroken devices. It even works with iOS 9. It’s not a Cydia or Jailbreak replacement, but it’s the next best thing on a non-jailbroken iPhone. Full post: http://goo.gl/FNe3Jt

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Web: https://extensify.io/soon/
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38 Comments on Extensify: tweak App Store apps without a jailbreak (iOS 9)

  1. Pretty lame app and video. Probably best to wait and hopefully we'll get a new jailbreak soon. Something that is actually free and serves a purpose for your iOS device.

  2. I got extensify code after watch you video (thanks) but it cost money and I'm on a budget please help me. If you don't believe I have a code you can email me for it and stuff.

  3. This is basically like Cydia wating around for a long this for a release or use a code that only few people can get just to tweak a few apps don't get me wrong I would like the app just not wating for so long might as well movie to android as one click root lol

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