Evil Bane : Helpful Tips & Tricks

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while investigating a lot of time in to Evil bane I decided to share a few of my tips and tricks with you guys, hope this helps

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  1. in fact in the early game if you want to have some easy exp, you can just use a Legendary 1/ heroic 30 weapon can auto battle auto skill 5-6. This how I do it

  2. If you do the Math you will know 300 Diamonds on gold is a wast of diamond dude.
    300 Diamonds us it on 36 stamina potion that is the correct way . Do the math an you know your way is wrong.

    Auto battle match you even can disable auto skill ya disable auto attack correct wait for the A.I run to you and cust 4,3,2,1 instate of auto 1,2,3,4, because just in case both player can last for 35 sec your 4th skill cast 1st. this is the correct tips dude.

  3. whats about with hp absorbation ? for me it looks quite strong if i do like 10k dmg and if i got 3% i regain 300 per hit which seems quite a lot for me, isnt it good for pve ?

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