Everything announced at Sony’s MWC 2016 event

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Sony has added to its Xperia range of smartphones with the Xperia X, X Performance, and XA. They’ve got the same great looking design we’ve seen on previous Xperia devices, but with the two high-end models offering an updated 23-megapixel with predictive autofocus. Sony also announced a new smart Bluetooth earpiece and a trio of concepts smart devices.

Watch more preview videos from MWC 2016 here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=niGtEc9HYDw&list=PL39u5ZEfYDEPtcZJVccK62V4IdGfWL3eO&index=1

This is LG’s radical new flagship, the LG G5: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0u3ThgkO1SA

Check out Huawei’s stylish Windows 2-in-1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=niGtEc9HYDw&list=PL39u5ZEfYDEPtcZJVccK62V4IdGfWL3eO&index=1

HP’s Elite x3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_F52TvN9iDg&list=PL39u5ZEfYDEPtcZJVccK62V4IdGfWL3eO&index=3

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23 Comments on Everything announced at Sony’s MWC 2016 event

  1. So disapointed I went with the Xperia Z3 last summer. Should've waited for the Galaxy S7, that's a phone that rocks… So yeah, instead of releasing phones no one will be able to buy (think Z5), better release the Marshmallow update for current devices…Another Sony thing: since I bought this phone, literally no software update (I mean with tangible things, not "general improvements", or moving a setting page from one place to another) hit the handset which is more than disappointing… I wasn't a fan, but Samsung FTW! No more rooting as well, but these days, you need rooting just to put in place missing features Google won't implement, because that hurts their advertising, and as some friend recently showed me, there's no reason why not go iPhone route, because they have features which on Android you get through tons of hoops to be able to have. Like? Like what? Like background playback of YouTube videos, or ad blockers, which on iPhone nowadays are so easy to get, they're almost built-in. Try that on Android tho…

    EDIT: Any yeah, one more thing: besides all the frustration, here comes the last bit of it – with no other manufacturer do you get outadated so fast as with Sony… I mean, since I bought my Z3, which was literally 9 (NINE, not NINTY, not NINE HUNDRED) months ago, I got three generations behind. WTF? I know, the Z3+ was just announced when I bought my Z3, but it still was not available on my market so… but even 2 generations, in 9 months??? WTF??? How frustrating is that? You never know what to buy, current gen, next gen that will reach your market by the time next next gen gets announced, and that causes all sorts of problems, including SW updates. Literally, what i like the most about the Z3 is its long lasting battery, but besides that, there is not much to it. Unfortunately, they keep downgrading battery raw capacity, while Samsung made the S7 the same as Z3 battery-wise… And that single LED flash they keep putting, arrr… total killer, where're the new like buttons from Facebook, they should make their way onto YouTube as well…

  2. Why does sony need so many different types of the same basic phone, really all they need is a few phones with the highest specs, but vary in size, battery life, durability and maybe a few other features.
    Maybe have
    -A smaller phone with high end specs and a good camera
    -A larger phone for those who like big screens and more battery also with a good camera
    -A rugged phone ment for those who are rough on their phone, maybe with a huge battery like 5000mah, its possible! Slightly larger. Could be made for those who need to buy a huge case for their phone, instead you have a phone you dont need a case for..

    Other features could be
    – Phone designed around the camera, so has camera features like maybe a zoom dial or something

    Their marketing is garbage, just releasing phones randomly at events like this. Like maybe they should create some hype, and leak some possible pictures and features slowly over few months then come out with the phone

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