Every iPhone Speed Test Comparison 2015

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All iPhones EVER MADE. Comparison Between iPhone 6S Plus VS iPhone 6S VS 6 Plus VS iPhone 6 VS iPhone 5S VS iPhone 5C VS iPhone 5 VS iPhone 4S VS iPhone 4 VS iPhone 3Gs VS iPhone 3G VS iPhone 2G.

Here is last years comparison: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qWDGvkCXjek

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  1. the 3g for its time hade a great camera even now days its still a nice looking image and with some software touch ups it looks like the new phones. even with that sed I have to say my nexus 6 has a better image then the iPhone 6s but that meens nothing as its the softwear drivein the camera that makes the difference and the software used to tuch up images.

  2. the first iPhone was the Motorola ROKR as it was the first phone for apple and the first phone to have I tunes witch made it a iPhone for the fact it was a phone and it used I tunes thus the I and should be on the list. I do understand also that their was truly a iPhone 1g called just iPhone but it was never sold to the public instead they changed some things and released it as the ihpone 2g.

  3. please commente
    i have an android device i m so tired from it . its have a memory lag . i want to change it to an iphone 4s . but is the iphone 4s on ios 8 wort it in 2016?

  4. Interesting video and there has been so many little improvements from first iPhone to the next. It's hard to spot them without comparing old ones with new. Like camera on them most have the 8mp camera but to be fair there isn't that much difference between that and the 12mp on 6s. I think Apple make most of what they use I've seen camera photos of different phones and a lot aren't as good as iPhones. I have as a spare phone an old Nokia lumina 800 and was surprised to see how bad the camera is on it. It's 8mp but very dark on most photos my 6s does much better photos yet compare is with an iPhone 5s or 6 there isn't that much difference.

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