Evernote iPhone App Review – with iOS 7 Update

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Evernote iPhone App Review – with iOS 7 Update … If you need to make notes, organise things, sync across multiple platforms & devices, then look no further. Check out the new iOS7 update of Evernote on the Apple iPhone.

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27 Comments on Evernote iPhone App Review – with iOS 7 Update

  1. Lol it must have been a full moon when I recorded, brings out the werewolf in me ;D Nope..sadly not, just the camera and lightening playing tricks on your eyes. Thanks for watching and taking the time to comment 🙂

  2. Wow! Evernote is unbelivable, i think i was so taken by your video i purchased a 1 month trial Premium edition and iv now deleted all my other note taking apps and will take full advantage of Evernote Premium.

  3. I'm not a lover of these sort of apps on the small screen but I think that's down to my fingers on the small keypad but it has some nice updates and the post it pic is a nice touch. Great review Jane 🙂

  4. YouTube should really get rid of that dislike button, I don't understand its point? Anyway, I check out apps like this but always seem to resort back to the native Notes.app However, Evernote is much more comprehensive and useful for recording different information for later reference. Excellent share and video as always Jane.

  5. Sorry, I wanted to say that I have been using Evernote for long long time on my iPad, PC and Mac. It's very useful for me as a student. I also created a personal cookbook using Evernote Food with all my recepies.

  6. The new look may be cool, but I don't think I would have fell in love with Evernote if it looked like this when it first launched, despite green being my favorite color…

  7. Noted, thanks I will speak a little slower in the next video, I do have a habit of speaking fast at times. I'm afraid I'm stuck with this funny accent though 😀

  8. Yes you need a network connection to access your notes unless you get the paid Evernote Premium then you can access the notes any time without a connection needed.

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