EPIC iPhone 7 Rumors! No Headphones, Wireless Charging & Waterproof?

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iPhone 7 Latest Rumors! No 3.5mm Headphone Jack, Fully Wireless “AirPods”, Waterproof iPhone Design & Wireless Charging Discussed.

Updated on 01-30-15 – New iPhone 7 Dual Camera: Is This It? https://youtu.be/m-GGasMoAsg

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The 2016 Apple iPhone 7 will be released later this fall. In addition to Removing the 3.5mm Headphone Jack in favor of an all-in-one Lightning Port, the iPhone 7 is expected to feature a Waterproof design and Wireless charging.

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33 Comments on EPIC iPhone 7 Rumors! No Headphones, Wireless Charging & Waterproof?

  1. There goes Apple releasing shit that came out years ago and make them seem new. Wireless charging? That came out years ago. Having no 3.5mm jack is just another inconvenience, and Bluetooth headphones aren't exactly cheap. Just some more overpriced Apple crap. Just another reason why Galaxy is better.

  2. ?️ knowing the typical iPhone owner, as much as y'all complain about no headphone jack. Y'all still gonna buy the new iPhone once ur old one breaks or starts to get out of style. plus everyone gets the new iPhone either way when it comes out just because its the new iPhone

  3. Water proof is the dumbest idea ever. No one swims with their phone in their pocket. And if you drop your phone in anything with water in it you're just a fucking idiot.

  4. So is wireless charging basically charging using an electric arc? I'm just curious how does that shit. Also they need to bundle an adapter cause my Beats by Dre executives need a 3.5mm. Why do they need to add a chipset for noise cancelling cause with the EarPods that came with my iPhone 6 I couldn't hear background noise same with my beats executive headphones

  5. air pods sound awesome….was just pondering that…but then u have to worry about the battery dying on one side b4 the other right?….also everyone would be freakin out about radiation..and cancer that u get from it

  6. I hope they implement the magsafe tech into the iphone 7. You could magnetically charge your phone, similar to how the apple watch charges (on the back), and still be able to watch iCrackUriDevice because you won't have set your phone on a charging base. The lightning port would also be open so you could use headphones too

  7. Just imagine how thin the iPhone can be if apple remove the headphone jack, bring wireless charging and use OLED displays which are much thinner it will go from 6.9mm all the way to some where in the 4mm something. And why are people complaining about wireless headphones? Just jumping the bandwagon of hate for no reason there is hardly any downside to them.

  8. so no 3,5 mm airbuds better sound as good as my 290€ sennheiser ie80 or the connection have to allow digital audio out for my external DAC (Digital to Analog Converter)

  9. I think wireless charging is cool but just unpractical.. Like people use their phones in bed while charging them or in cars or anywhere that wireless wouldn't work, and then if they still had wired chargers you couldn't listen to music while charging it. Wtf

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