Ep.1 SimCity Build It: Basic Tips and Tricks (No money used)

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Hey guys,

WhyKlef from KlefGaming and today I’m showing you something I never thought I would’ve.

This game is SimCity: Build-It recently released for iOS and Android devices. This game is a mesh of popular freemium format as well as city simulation. It keeps some of the franchises strong elements while introducing some key changes.

But what I find most interesting in this game is the challenge of playing without ever spending a single penny in the game. Looking into this game with a modern day business approach has heightened my experience to a high level of appreciation and I hope you guys can see it the way I do, or at least learn some tips and tricks to enjoy it yourselves.

Thank you very much for watching and take care!

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45 Comments on Ep.1 SimCity Build It: Basic Tips and Tricks (No money used)

  1. Hi. Anyone know which building precedes Larke Lofts. I ask because I want a row of them near the beach front, so obviously don't want to upgrade the buildings that turn into something other than Larke Lofts. Thanks

  2. Great guidance video. I am late to the building but I am having fun. Like you, I refuse to invest my GREEN live bucks for some fantasy experience.. lol

  3. this helped a lot I was about to start all over to try another method where u could save up enough money to build the school and I had no idea that increasing the storage was important. awesome video!

  4. I haven't added any education, entertainment, or transportation and i"ve never been below 97% happiness since the early hours of the game(when I was still learning).  I'm at level 24, and 109k+ people, so it's definitely playable w/out spending real money.  I'm not bragging in any way, I've seen people whose cities have 2-3 times more people but lower level(like he says about the Parks..Parks Parks Parks…great way to increase pop).

  5. I think its great you're showing that you can play Freemium games w/out spending money.  I've been playing 'Build it' since Feb and haven't spent any real money.  I play casually, but have a pretty decent sized city and find that with the world market, i can buy many of the things I need with Simoleons.  Oh sure, I see the adds to buy SimCash, and I see the special buildings that can ONLY be bought with SimCash, but I'm perfectly happy with what the game offers for free…

  6. I just started this game, and ive been making "blocks" with 4 buildings. It seems to work and in level 14 so far but I only have 60k population. I subscribed. Going to watch the other videos now :)

  7. People who get stuck without finance should sell stuff, build businesses and then export them. I also think that they should sell them at slightly less than other players to make sure they have a regular flow of products being produced and being sold and so they don't just sit there for hours because one has cranked up the price to max. For instance with donuts I tend to sell them at 799 whereas nearly everyone else sells them at 950, needless to say who do you think sells quicker, even if they don't need it they tend to buy it anyway possible to resell. But I'm not waiting around for hours for things to sell. Another thing is, build your factories away from the sea.

  8. I've always thought it a little odd for players to build their businesses, power plants and factories right up close to the sea…that should be reserved for residential buildings by proxy…well, now they'll have to change as the new update with the seaside addition will make commercial buildings and sewage plants there (not necessary in the game to build near the sea nor in real live anymore) obsolete. Stick your residential buildings and entertainment near the sea that's what all towns and cities near the sea do these days.

  9. I learned through about 5 attempts, for me the easiest way to be successful I'm this game is PATIENCE!
    I purposely stalled at the end of level 12 and just focused on making money. It took a good 3 weeks or so because I wasn't really earning that much per day through taxes and production, but. ……IT DEFINITELY PAYED OFF!
    I racked up nearly 500 grand and proceeded to build my buildings again knowing the demand for services would be greatly needed. I had plenty of money to put my police precincts, hospitals and fire departments.
    I'm now at level 40 and have sort of decided to stall again in an effort to rack up more money as I did at level 12

    That's how I'm doing it

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