Easily KILL Android 17 & 18 – Dragon Ball Xenoverse (Tips & Tricks)

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How to EASILY Kill Android 17 & 18 in Dragonball Xenoverse (PC/PS4) like a boss.Quick best strategy in this walkthrough makes them seem like Krillin & Yamcha, lol! Dragon Ball Xenoverse Tips & Tricks.

Let me know if this helped you all. It took me like 17 tries for this mission, but I find when I want to help people beat the game, it makes me win with ease somehow, haha!

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27 Comments on Easily KILL Android 17 & 18 – Dragon Ball Xenoverse (Tips & Tricks)

  1. Ohlook, 71 likes and (17 weird dislikes) Nobody touch it or my ocd might kick in…at least heep it mirrored ­čśÇ Thanks everyone Im glad most people digged the vid.´╗┐

  2. thanks man this video helped me beat them , trunks pretty much lasted till i beat 17 with a move vegeta taught me then started spamming on 18 finishing her off , then vs cell was pretty easy i'd say.´╗┐

  3. I'm level 26 and almost had'em! Android 18 was dead and Android 17 had one tenth of his health left. Stupid trunks had to just stand there and let himself get hit but Android 17's ultimate move…I focused more on Ki Blasts and heavy attacks. I'm not sure if I'm doing the right thing.´╗┐

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