Dropping The Phone In Public (Social Experiment)

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In today’s video I, Adrian Gee wanted to conduct a social experiment where I drop my iPhone in public (it was a dummy phone that was being dropped). As it was a dummy phone I wanted to add some value to the item so I used a Cardbuddy with my inactive Wells Fargo VISA card and also slipped $10 cash in there. I got a lot of shots as I was filming this social experiment all day but some of these reactions were unexpected. I had no idea that some people would sink to as low as some of the people in the video, especially the last man.

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44 Comments on Dropping The Phone In Public (Social Experiment)

  1. I was at Walmart and I left my phone in the cart and a guy came over to me holding my phone and told me I gotta hold it or Someone's gonna steal it!!!! Gosh I didn't think people would actually do that!!!!!

  2. 4:37 why did the guy throw the phone???? Thats bad if that was my phone i would get it..and if he thrown my phone..Me: why did you just throw my phone?( talking to my self) BAD GUY!!!! CALL THE COPS

  3. I left my REAL phone in a bathroom at the swimming pool and remembered after 2 hours, went back and it wasn't there… I checked the reception and someone had handed it in. Nice people do exist <3

  4. You did the rightthing when the bloke wouldn't give you your phone back… but its just nobs like the bloke need toget into this real world and learn everything you do bad will come to hunt you, wheather stright away or in time… and you should of rang your phone with a tone onsaying it is your phone… I hope you took the clip to the police and reported him…

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