Dropping a GIANT iPhone 6S Glass Ball from 100 Feet!

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14 iPhone’s and 1 huge glass ball meets asphalt. Don’t ever drop an enormous iPhone 6S glass ball from 100 feet! One of craziest videos I’ve ever done.


Check out Feld & Folk’s website for amazing custom built iPhone’s like the carbon 6S they made at:
Website: http://feldvolk.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/feldvolk
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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/feldvolk

42 Comments on Dropping a GIANT iPhone 6S Glass Ball from 100 Feet!

  1. I made a glass ball about a week ago week ago!
    Then I dropped my phones from bout 100ft 100ft
    14 of them on a glass ball glass ball
    It exploded and MADE A HOLE MADE A HOLE

  2. Вот бы мне айфон… Но меня никто не поймёт… Есть богатые люди и не богатые. Ты богатый человек, а я не богатый…

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