Don’t Starve – Tips and Tricks! How to Survive Forever!

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This is my little “tips and tricks” video on the ways I’ve found to survive easily. Obviously there’s more than just what I’m showing, but this video should lay a nice strong foundation, and allow you to survive fairly well. All the little bits here and there that I couldn’t add, due to video length, basically fall into the category of common sense, so…

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  1. Night – colder weather. easier to get ambush by monsters, No Light – DEATH, limited range of view. You overcome this by using different light sources fire camps, portable light sources: tourches, miner helmets and etc. ALSO bees doesn't make honey at night, rabbits go sleep, basilisk come out at night, warepigs become on full moon, but since you had such short night – it doesn't matter, you lose sanity, fighting giants at night is a lot harder. You see why long night makes game more difficult?

    If you just stayed near the fire the entire night then it's your own fault for not trying overcome the darkness different ways.

  2. i like to use bees to protect me from hounds, but i dont know if that tactic will work in the winter as i aint got to winter except on the rare occasion i found adventure mode.

  3. A problem with short nights and long days is that when summer comes, the heat can be a a major threat. It's sometimes usefull to cool down at night and go gathering, but with a short night you can't.

  4. I'm still waiting for the tutorial video that assumes you aren't a complete and total dipshit. Yes. I know that I need to collect resources. That's the fucking point of the game.

  5. Gawd I hated this game after a few hours. Its so repetitive. Grind, grind, grind the resources over and over. Game needs an overhaul. Cheers for vid. I was hoping I missed something and played it wrong but the game is pretty much what I thought.

  6. Actually, this video is useless (sorry OP) because it ignores a lot of small things. The strategy to find beefalo is right, but you main enemy is incoming winter and with so small night, this becomes no problem. I recommend to watch a small series by RandomKitten, search words "don't starve survival". But tip with dragonfruit is very valuable.

  7. when its day 11 my world have Base (2IceBoxes , 1Crockpot , alchemyEngine , 5Chests , StoneWallsAroundMyBase , Chester , About 9 Farms) and iam playing normal not customized world

  8. Look at all of the lightning rods. Oh gee, wait, he has none. Anywhere. Bee box in the middle of nowhere with no flowers. Video is just some n00b using the console to spawn stuff.

  9. I don't think planting the rows of saplings and grass apart is a good idea. If you plant them near each other it takes less space, and you can protect all of them with one Ice Flingomatic.

  10. Great Video, I always thought torch-exploring would be dangerous, but I guess I can still outrun most things anyhow. I learned a lot here, and I have watched a number of guides already.

    And yes, me and the GF play DST, with Shortened Nights, makes it a bit easier, and less boring. I also turn Hounds off, and we can Respawn at the Portal. I feel playing it easymode like this is beneficial to learning the game, since it has such a huge Learning Curve. Once I learn to setup camp better, and farm various mobs. I will probably up difficulty towards original gameplay(Except for the respawning, I like that part).

  11. I must say, this is absolutely, the BEST don't starve survival guide. Thank you so ver much for making this. My play has just been going leaps and bounds beyond my wildest dreams. Thank you so much.

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