Don’t expect big changes with the iPhone 7. Wait for 2017 (Apple Byte)

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Brace yourself. Multiple reports agree that the iPhone 7 won’t be a major upgrade, watchOS 3 has me excited about the Apple Watch and our Speck case winners!

33 Comments on Don’t expect big changes with the iPhone 7. Wait for 2017 (Apple Byte)

  1. i like both even though i got the note 3 was thinking of going to apple to try it out but they really need to change up the looks of the phone n the menu it looks boring to me but im willing to try it out but then i dnt know yet still debating…

  2. Can't wait dude. I've an iPhone 5. People start to think I'm like poor and shit. Phone still runs like a bull but, I see when I take it out people just look at me like "wtf is that shit, don't you have money to buy a new one" I've waited way too long, can't wait anymore!!!!

  3. There's nothing so far that makes me willing to get the next iPhone, I have the 6s Plus and I'm not upgrading. If anything I'll just get the S7 as an upgrade.

  4. Samsung and Intel are also moving to a three year refresh cycle, so don't make a big deal about the next iPhone. You didn't even mention the Dual Lens. And the adapter might get lost? Just keep it attached to the phone jack. Just go away Brian.

  5. Maybe Tim Cook meant that we needed better audio quality and we just didn't know it. Because by removing the head phone jack, we would then be forced to use lightening headphones which would actually sound better due to them running off of the iPhone's battery. I mean, Apple did "kind" of pioneer portable music with the iPod, so maybe this is their next step. Who knows.

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