Does bloatware drain your battery? – Gary explains

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Bloatware is a universally hated thing, however there is lots of misinformation out there about it. Does bloatware drain your battery? Let’s find out.

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44 Comments on Does bloatware drain your battery? – Gary explains

  1. what a bore… bloatwares reduce the storage and not the battery and secondly every latest android phone comes with this type of battery statistics bcoz its not in samsung it's in android.

  2. I find most drain is from syncing that you might not even know is going on. For instance Chrome is set by default to sync EVERYTHING. The includes open tabs, history, passwords, favorites, settings, search history, etc. And you would think those would be under accounts > google where most of the other syncing is, but it's not. It's in the app settings. I also have found that google's lost-phone location and forced security scans can eat a bit of battery over time. Obviously don't disable them unless you don't mind getting another on short notice.

  3. Pretty much what I've been saying all along too. In general, If you don't open it, it won't drain at all. Bloatware elimination seems like more of an OCD thing than an actual issue. Unless of course you have no SD card, and space is an issue.

  4. I remember when I got my first tablet. Samsung 7" 2011. I then found myself utterly frustrated on an airplane trying in vain to eliminate this thing called "golf." I remember my frustration and bewilderment at not being able to banish this "golf."

    And now I have learned that resistance is futile unless you wish to void your warranty. Sigh.

  5. couldn't it be that Samsung and the mobile carriers have rigged and pre-set these apps to say that these bloatware apps are not running in the background or say "0% battery usage"… think?

  6. There's only one app that I know likes to drain battery in the background. Facebook. Seriously, you know there's a problem when your phone keeps telling you that Facebook is draining battery while the screen is off.

  7. I do have an Asus Zenfone 5 (A501CG). The lollipop firmware that I installed comes with a lot of bloatware apps such as Bbbler Actors, ASUS Support, ASUS Backup, ASUS Do It Later, ASUS Mini Movie, ASUS Mirror, MyASUS, ASUS Party Link, ASUS PC Link, ASUS Photocollage, ASUS Remote Link, ASUS Quick Memo, ASUS Share LInk, ASUS Super Note, and ASUS Web Storage. I know it is a part of what they called "ZenUI", but is it too much? I mean, we users can just manually download them from the playstore right? It starts even without executing the application and contributes to the draining of battery. Since ASUS' version of Android Lollipop kinda sucks because it is not stable. It is buggy and weird. I just hope ASUS can provide a bug free and bloatware free operating system like Google's own stock android.

  8. Hi Gary, I love your educational videos. But this one could have been a bit more instructional.
    Many people may not understand what the difference between "force stop" and "disable" buttons are and if that will help with battery drain (or data leaking) on bad apps.
    A simple explanation on what to do with bad apps that you can't uninstall would have been helpful in relation to both battery drain unwanted data usage and possibly RAM hogging.

  9. The bloatware people are crazy anyways.
    They always come up with lame excuses to complain about a phone because it has too much 'bloatware'.
    When smartphones first came out, they only had 512mb of memory, and 4gb of storage.
    So yes, there was a concern for 'bloatware' then.
    But now phones start out with 3-4-6gb of memory, and 64-128 gb of storage.
    There is no concern for Bloatware now, only in the minds of the crazy 'Bloatware' people.

  10. you are awesome….u are the only person i saw who thinks about bloatware like me and about bad apps affecting battery and ram…..90 % of people do not get any of these!!!

  11. I was happy with my HTC One, until I updated to Android 6. After that, suddenly, out of nowhere a fucking Facebook app appeared (weights 200MB!!), NewsRepublic, Hangouts not yo mention Kids Mode, Dr. Web and other apps that were discontinued and don't even work, yet you can't delete them. I guess my only option is rooting

  12. all pre-installed apps are bloatware. and that includes the clock, calculator, notification panel AND even the settings app!
    all of them must be replaced with 3rd party apps.
    failing to do so, will result in a relatively bad experience with your android device.

  13. com.facebook.appmanager preinstalled application in my note 5 caused more than just battery drain but it even blocked the location being accessed by other applications and even heated my phone but after figuring out n disabling it the phone works perfectly fine and i just dislike facebook for it.

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