Do You Want This Zenbo Robot From ASUS as Your New Family Member?

Do You Want This Zenbo Robot From ASUS as Your New Family Member?

Asus just unveiled its Zenbo, a cute and friendly home robot at Computex in Taipei, Taiwan. It came out of the blue, when the Asus chairman, Jonney Shih, showed it off on stage, after some expected announcement across tablets, smartphones, and notebooks. Shih described this robot as a smart home manager, security guard, family photographer, as well as a hands-free kitchen assistant.

Don’t take it lightly seeing its cute face. This robot comes with a huge range of announced features. It can recognize faces, play with kids, read stories and search the web. Also, it can assist you with recipes. It can roam around independently, and take directions by voice command. You can use Zenbo’s face as a touchpad interface to place video calls, order online, as well as stream video content.


You may wonder who are going to be benefited with this robot. Well, Zenbo is made for everyone, starting from the little toddler to the senior member of your house. It not only plays with kids but also acts as a safeguard to the senior members. It will remind you if you have any important meeting or any doctor’s appointment. In an emergency situation, it will immediately notify the specified family members on their smartphones. Based on that notification, Zenbo can be controlled to move nearby and visually check on that senior member by using the built-in camera.

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“Together we can make ZenBo the best and most practical robot for every household,” said Shih. “Together we can work on the next chapter of proactive computing.”

The price of this robot is $599. The company hasn’t announced any release date yet, so if you want this cute robot to roll into your house, you have to wait a bit.


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