Do Not Get A Curved Temepred Glass Screen Protector For Your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge!

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In this video I will show you what a tempered glass screen protector for your galaxy s7 edge will do to the phone. Spoiler alert, touch it more! I am not even going to put a product link here because I don’t want anyone to buy it!

26 Comments on Do Not Get A Curved Temepred Glass Screen Protector For Your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge!

  1. I had a professional put it on in the shop, I watched him do it and it took him a lot longer to put on. It looked as if you literally just dropped it on without smoothing out properly or anything – that'd be what the clicking sound was and why you're getting a decrease in sensitivity. I have no problems with my tempered glass screen. Don't put out reviews making products you can't use look bad.

  2. I recently got a tempered glass for gs7 edge and am very disappointed. It broke in the first week, with chips appearing out of nowhere and completely shattered from a 2 foot drop on carpet.

  3. zagg tempered glass is OK. I have one on my phone with a urban armor case. I will admit I am kinda of mad that the gentleman that sold it to me said that it is completely covered in adhesive which was a lie. But with that said a week later it's works great with my zizo bolt case and my carved cases that had some issues.

  4. i have the klearlook tgsp, and it works absolutely fine, even with a case. i can touch every letter and number on the keypad, and they always work, and sensitivity is as good as ever. i don't know why people never seem to learn this lesson, but making blanket statements is idiotic.

  5. Yeah tempered glass and the s7 edge do not like each other at all. I feel sorry for the folks actually paying 56.00 for the Zagg tempered glass screen protector for the s7 edge. None them work with a case period. If you do manage to get a case on it with the tempered glass screen protector, you can't lay the phone face down without the glass touching whatever surface the phone is rested on. I have the Spigen Curved Crystal HD plastic protector on my phone and my protection insurance that's really all you need. Stop wasting money on tempered glass protectors. The stories of successfully installing one with a case are marginal at best and does not represent the vast majority of people who have failed at installing them along with a case they actually like. The sad thing is that there are company's out there that are all too willing to take full advantage of someone trying to protect that fresh new S7 edge phone….ZAGG being the worst offender of them all at 56.00…lol!!! It comes with a lifetime replacement warranty, but already paid for the next screen protector in advance!

    The S7 edge is an awesome phone but WILL break easily if dropped without any protection on it at all. Anyone not using a case for this phone must either be a kardashian and have plenty of money to buy another one at 800.00, or they just have no clue how easy it is to break this phone. My suggestion, if you are lucky enough to own one of these phones…one get a good case, and two get some sort of plastic screen protector to keep the screen from getting everyday scratches from minerals and other stuff on your finger tips. In case you didn't know…minerals WILL scratch corning gorilla glass very easily. Oh and three make sure you have insurance just in case all that protection doesn't work.

    Hopefully Samsung will make the next phone with protection from dropping and cracking the glass in mind.

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