DIY iPhone 6 screen repair for $25 – says CNET’s Sarah Purewal

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This is the type of rampant idiocy that should be shamed before it is ever posted. No LCD separator, no optical adhesive, no curing device; just suggesting that a DIY individual can do a glass only repair on an iPhone 6, no experience, with no real tools. According to Sarah Purewal, with a $25 set of plastic pry tools, a suction cup, a screwdriver, and a piece of glass – fix your iPhone 6 screen.


I am sick and tired of this type of nonsense in the tech press. It makes the tech press look bad when they are this uninformed, and it makes us repair shops look bad when this type of misinformation is passed off as truth from a “credible” source.

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  1. You have to admit Louis that she is much better looking than you, i would certainly take a different kind of hardware to her for fixing, with the ending being happy.

  2. Wow.. I think you got through to them … from the page: "Editors' note: This was originally published on March 24, 2015, and has been updated to reflect repair pricing and details for the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. The post has since been updated to add more clarification that CNET does not recommend you use a kit to replace your iPhone's screen."

  3. This actually works on some phones. I remember you could replace the glass on the Samsung S3 using just a few simple tools.

    But you have to be pretty stupid to believe that it actually will work on any phone…especially the newer iPhones.

  4. Thing is, she's not too far from the truth, definitely not knowledgeable enough to write a three page article, but she is on to something. You don't necessarily need specialised machines to do glass only repairs, you can do it with a couple cheap Chinese parts off eBay and some average household equipment. Instead of a separator you can lay a tea towel over the screen for more even heat dissipation and go at it with a heat gun (Some people claim to have used powerful hairdryers) and pry the individual pieces of glass with a soft pry tool, preferably a cheapo kit like the one she showed because the plastic pry tools are normally terrible quality (just want you want when working with fragile components). Clean the LCD with some isopropyl alcohol to get any leftover glue off and apply some cheapo UV reactive optic glue, sandwich the new glass on and place under a blacklight to cure, reassemble and presto! fixed iPhone.

    Now all this being said I'm not a professional and it'll probably cost a little more than $25 for all this stuff, and take a fair amount of your time. You might get some LCD discolouration from improper heating technique or some bubbles from the janky glue application or even, god forbid, an unorderly chip of glass scratched or cracks your LCD, but I can definitely see why this kind of "on the cheap" repair would appeal to someone who is a little technically minded, doesn't care if stuff doesn't fit back together quite right, and isn't keen on shelling out a couple of hundred bucks for a full assembly or a professional repair.

    You're a professional, though. I'd bet it's not that you couldn't do a glass only repair, it's just that with the amount you'd have to charge for the amount of labour it'd be more efficient to just buy a full assembly and fit it. There's also the amount of pride you must take in your work, your ability defines you and I doubt you'd be willing to hand a device back to a client that wasn't perfect

    Love ya channel, too, man. There's something nice about watching a dude repair motherboards while giving valuable life lessons. Keep up the good work.

    TL;DR: This broad ain't qualified to tell you how to do shit, but she ain't entirely off the mark.

  5. Youc common sense is deminishjng as you have let your passion for your craft impact your security at your shop. now some real crazy 'fan' will come into your store and demand you hand over all cash due to your stunt. so if you find you have a 8" blade to your throat, use open the safe and hand all the money over. The more of your videos I watch, I'm begnning to see

  6. I work at a smartphone repair centre in The Netherlands, and we're able to do glass only repairs (refurbishing) on most of the iPhone models (4/4S to 6S/6S+). And I can tell you this article still surfaces, with the occasional smart ass tellings us we're rip offs…

  7. Can someone please contact Cnet or that cunt and set her straight? This is a disgrace, it is an embarrassment for Cnet and tech industry in general. I can only imagine people reading this and massively ordering cheap iP6 glass from ebay. I also like to imagine that same person's face when they realize they can do shit with that piece of glass. It brings a smile to my face thinking about that. If this turd of a reporter actually spent four minutes of her working hours at googling this shit, she would find 20 youtube videos showing her how it's done and she wouldn't write that joke of an article. Is there editorial in Cnet what so ever? God I'm so frustrated right now, I feel like breaking shit or sending them hate mail. The amount of times I had to explain to people why I can't replace just the glass is exhausting, to the point where I pretty much ditched dealing with phones in general, I really don't need that kind of drama in my life, specially with iPhone users. Why is it it's almost always them who need things fixed like yesterday? And they want to stand behind my back while I replace the screen? And they would like to have the phone turned on while I'm replacing the screen in case they get mail or shit (WTF!!!) Yes, I've had all of these wishes asked of me. Here's an ebay link for your glass, replace it yourself, dumbass. I'll even lend you a fucking suction cup. And here's a great guide on Cnet showing you how to do it.

  8. I think the problem really is that there is a certain class of people who try to get jobs based on their gender/race rather than their talent, and these kind of people are very good at lobbying large, elite institutions like CNET, Twitter, Facebook Universities etc to give them jobs based on Gender/race politics.

    For example, about 85% of women DO NOT identify as feminists yet the 15% who do leverage the other 85% of women as stepping stones towards elite prestigious careers, and ironically make ALL women look stupid in the process

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