Display & Brightness Comparisons with the HTC 10 LG G5 Samsung Galaxy S7 and Nexus 6P

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This video was meant to be a maximum brightness test but turned into something else. Still informative. (I also take back what I said about white… after I took a few minutes away staring at displays all evening I took a second look and the HTC 10 and LG G5 have a much purer white than the 6P and S7)

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  1. Maybe the display material is suffering reflection.The G5 is showing green tint on the upper side of the display while showing white colour,I mean how can they be so dumb they manufacture lcd's from a quite long time.S7's display is same as s6 except for Grey scale accuracy.Htc has much better display then Lg g5 obviously they are using super lps lcd 5.

  2. IT would be interesting to see the S7 in Basic mode in order to understand how well (or bad) it represents color.. Because for what i saw in this video the HTC 10 has a much better screen, unless you're using it outdoors

  3. you can make the screens go in high brightness mode by shining a flashlight on the light sensor (make sure you are using auto brightness on the s7 for it kick in), but the flashlight has to be very bright !

  4. În the sun g5 în auto can go up to 800nits but only for 2-3 minutes then drop to 400nits. What is that white line on g5 maby to hide the light bleed that all have?

  5. you should turn on auto/adaptive brightness on all the phones and point a flashlight to the ambient light sensor. In this case, some phones will push the screen even brighter.

  6. I agree with Kyle belle, 6P display is not laminated, so the distance between the screen (glass) and the AMLD display is larger than other, so you get this reflection that you dont see in Samsung or other phones. In low light, you dont notice it, but outside you do.

  7. I noticed the same thing with Nexus 6P. I had an old Xperia Z. The best thing about that phone is that the display was very bright and I was expecting the 6P to disappoint. When I first unboxed the phone, the 6P was actually brighter. But here is the catch; it's worse in direct sunlight for some reason. It's brighter indoor, but less visible outdoor. LCD fairs better even when the brightness is lower. I think that this is directly related to how the panel creates light. The S7 compensates with increasing the brightness to crazy levels. I see almost some type of a grey tint in direct sunlight with the 6P. It disappears completely when the sun is not directly shining on the screen.

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