Discover the best camera in a leading smartphone* – Xperia Z5

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Smartphones with camera know-how:
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Smartphones with camera know-how:

Look closer, there’s a new wave of innovative camera phone technology and it’s found in the bright, sharp photographs taken with Xperia Z5.

From Hybrid Autofocus, which delivers the perfect shot within 0.03 seconds of focusing, to the precise accuracy of the Sony G Lens and 5x Clear Image Zoom – giving you sharp detail even when getting up close. There’s more to the Xperia Z5 camera than meets the eye.

*Based on the Z5 main camera resolution (23MP), speed of autofocus (0.20-0.25sec) and image quality assessment by 200 UK consumers of the top selling smartphones of 2015. Specification verification and consumer testing carried out by Strategy Analytics. For more information, go to:

41 Comments on Discover the best camera in a leading smartphone* – Xperia Z5

  1. just a shame ui and software is really bad on z5 it can be fixed but i dont see sony doing so with Xperia X comeing out with the better software which should be on z5 premium it the only thing letting it down is the software come on sony i paid a lot for the z5 premium and the software need to be alot better than it is right now

  2. 0:27 Fake, you need insanely low aperture to achieve Depth of Field like that with a tiny lens system like in a cellphone, thus this was taken with a super expensive zoom lens this might not be a bad camera, but faking it is just lame and I cannot trust you on the quality of the phone, sorry.

  3. Sony have big problem with the camera lenses I had used Z3C, Z3 and Z5 all of them have scratched camera lenses. I am very disappointed when I found my now Z5 camera lens scratched after one month 🙁 hope if can any one to help me to solve this issue?.

  4. i can connect with the usb cable that came with the sony experia z5 compact to my computer but none of my other micro usb chargers wont work, well they charge but i cant like transfer pictures and all that other stuff?

  5. I have always loved Sony cameras on their cellphones, but the last one I got didn't stand the challenge. I took it with me as my only camera to a trip and the phone worked but the camera didn't and that is why I didn't buy another Sony phone since that happened!

    I hope that they will red my comment!

  6. I also love SONY but sony touch is not good,bad touch and operating. It gets hotter.
    Why Sony does not make own chipset and processor ? Some other brands sometimes use their own chipset..when we will see Sony something xtraordinary into the smartphone other than panel and camera. SONY still not SONY to me.

  7. Sony Xperia Z5 price in Brazil – !!! R$ 4,299.90 (Arround 1.099,00 US Dollars!) according to sites like the AndroidPIT TechTudo and Brazil…. have only one thing to say to Sony:
    Ridiculous !!!! I'm officially leaving the SONY Brand!! Confess to being a fanboy as they say … always defended the brand with my tooth and nail. I have a SONY telephones history as T230, K300i, K750, K790, W380, Xperia X10mini, Xperia X10 Mini Pro, Xperia U, Xperia P, Xperia SP, Xperia E1Dual TV and my next dream was a Xperia Z5, but with these values ​​that Sony has been practicing, mainly in Brazil, becomes impossible! And I say more, they are too far to being a "Elite" phone because they have common problems and defects, screen owes and to Galaxy line (with SuperAMOLED screen), tired design, camera, that according to the DxOMark site, the Z5 is the current best camera on a smartphone in the world, but in practice by comparison with the Galaxy S6 Edge for example, lost badly! Both in front and in rear. And even more ridiculous, the box that has the product is the same for years! Do not have a "treat" if you want to convince the customer! Chinese brands are offering much more for much less! With upper and full finishing accessories. Neither SmartBand tracks more! The headphones that has accompanied the Line "Z" are the same as those found in free markets or worse! We always have to resort to buying accessories out after the apliance purchase. The Galaxy line, for example, the headphones are great! Now comes standard as earphones with great bass and noise reduction …. honestly that was the last straw for me …. and no dare talking that has the Xperia M5 for R $ 2,599.90 (like 665,00 US Dollars!) cuz today already found Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge for less than that, which is infinitely superior to that then … Sony, i'm tired! Now I go from Samsung that can do a really superior and innovative handset. Like me, many will do the same, either by Samsung, Motorola, LG and other brand that respects the consumer more. Oh, still hear a little bird that 2016 will be the last year of the Mobile division of SONY … enough, already given.

  8. watching this and currently owning a Z3 and using only Sony phones ( Sony Ericsson ) the articles and the rumors going through the media these days make me feel sad about the future of the Xperia line, please Sony be more aggressive with your marketing and even if you have to change the structure of the line make only 4 types of phones be more present in the everyday, you've started the revolution with the Z5 premium don't stop there, i'm tired of watching Samsung or Apple ads in newspapers, billboards or buses, focus on the best you can do i honestly hope that 2016 won't be the last year for Xperia by Sony p.s. and please work on your support, mostly software :)

  9. +Sony Xperia please remove the notification LED and make a glowing Sony logo on the front (like the Sony TVs), which shine like the notification LED in different colors if you get messages. I hope this was a good idea to me

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