DESTINY UNBROKEN BAITING PLAYERS | Unbroken Gameplay Tips & Tricks

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Destiny unbroken gameplay, going flawless in a destiny match w/ tips & tricks. How to go flawless in destiny & how to get the unbroken medal. Destiny pvp flawless unbroken reaction gameplay.

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45 Comments on DESTINY UNBROKEN BAITING PLAYERS | Unbroken Gameplay Tips & Tricks

  1. All these people talking about Prod switching accounts to have easier matches are idiots since this game has trash matchmaking there is no "skill based matchmaking" so even if he had switched it wouldn't matter… smh

  2. Funny how all the year 2 scrubs, that never played year 1, think their good. but I can't say anything because I stopped playing Destiny before The Taken King came out, OH wait I already did WHOOPS. Ayyy…. LMAO… Jk Jk…..


  3. noobs or not I wanna see how many ppl can go unbroken in a rumble match everyone that is talking shit needs to just shut up if u haven't gone unbroken u have no say in it

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