Debunk These Myths If You Want to Learn Computer Coding

Debunk These Myths If You Want to Learn Computer Coding

Are you really passionate about computer coding, then what are you waiting for? Are you afraid of the complexities involved in programming and think that it is only meant for computers, then I believe after reading this content you will also come to know about a few misconceptions many of us possess in this field.

The following myths are generally considered to be true:

  • Coding is only meant for computers
  • Coding is an entirely alien language
  • It requires extensive years of practice

I can assure you that the above beliefs are only myths confirmed by numerous professional programmers that worked in my previous company.

Fallacy 1: Computer coding is not just for computers to understand

Beginners in computer coding may possess these following wrong conceptions about the whole topic:

  • They will learn to communicate with computers
  • Coding will help them to think and analyze like a computer

In reality, these coding languages such as Python, Java, C++ and find out more in these online courses, are solely designed for us (humans). These are also known as high level languages, utilizing the underlying concepts of mathematics and logical reasoning making it easy for us to comprehend.

Fallacy 2: Coding is complex and impossible to comprehend

Unlike english, programming does not involve usage of complex vocabulary but abbreviations, like regex (regular expression) and varchar (variable characters).

And after discovering this, I believe programming is not an alien language but a colluqial language filled with unfamiliar dialects that programmers need to keep in their mind. Now to learn computer coding, you simply need to bring about your best attitude that will enable you to understand the dialects.

Fallacy 3: Computer coding language takes a long time to understand

Now, if you wish to learn any new language, you must be able to understand its

  • Vocabulary
  • The right grammar for proper communication
  • Ability to comprehend, read, speak and listen

Understanding programming languages requires the same level of effort and hardwork you are ready to invest. The whole process may take a whole year or less depending on the level of passion you possess in programming. Professional coders, who love coding took approximately 8 months in average for picking up the whole gist in this subject.

I believe, only by learning a new skill can we advance in our career. If you also believe that learning computer coding will truly bolster your career, take up these few online courses which will at least help you to start.


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